Monday, July 30, 2007

Dave Gibbons' opinion on the Watchmen movie

Co-creator Dave Gibbons on the movie based on his masterpiece Watchmen: "I am excited about it. I always respond to enthusiasm. Having had some conversations with Zack Snyder, I’m bowled over by his enthusiasm. I suppose the basic question is: Is a “Watchmen” movie a good idea? That’s an imponderable question, but I do think Zack has got the ability to make a really good movie, and I think Watchmen has the ability to be a really good movie, and hopefully the two things will come together. I’m basically supporting it, and I’ve done little bits of work to do with the movie. Realistically speaking, I think it’s a good script. Anything that’s a movie version of a comic book, there’s going to be compromise. I’m optimistic about it, and obviously I wish it well. I hope it will be good. I’ve got a feeling it will be." [More]

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