Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On the Set of Lakeview Terrace Patrick Wilson Tried Not to Talk About Watchmen

Patrick Wilson has done big budget studio movies (The Alamo, Phantom of the Opera) as well as critically acclaimed independent dramas. His role as a father who strays in Little Children earned him rave reviews and opposite Ellen Page in Hard Candy, Wilson wowed critics and audiences. He's currently at work on the Screen Gems dramatic thriller (emphasis on 'dramatic' according to director Neil LaBute) Lakeview Terrace and during press interviews on the set of that film, Wilson knew he was going to be asked to confirm the rumors that he'll be playing Nite Owl in what's already gearing up to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2008: Watchmen.

Sitting down in an elementary school auditorium, Wilson did his best to dodge Watchmen questions while trying not to confirm or deny anything. Smiling and sipping away on a protein shake, Wilson laughed at the group's first Watchmen question and responded, “I’m not a good liar so I really just shouldn’t go into it.”

Wilson said he won't be at the 2007 Comic Con on Friday, July 27th when the cast of Watchmen is likely to be announced as he'll be busy working on Lakeview Terrace. Asked if we'll be seeing a giant poster with his face on it in connection to the film at that event, Wilson answered, "If there is, tell me." But he quickly followed that up by pointing out a poster on the wall at the end of the interview table. "I’m staring right down the gun there if you look at the thing I’m reading." What was on the poster? "'Owl's Hollow." “I didn’t say anything,” added Wilson with a smile.

With filming expected to begin in a few short months, Wilson confirmed he's already familiar with Alan Moore's graphic novel. “Yes, yes, I know it all. I know the story,” said Wilson. [More]

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