Monday, February 12, 2007

Zack Snyder updates "Watchmen"

In an interview with ComingSoon, Zack Snyder (300) updated the progress on his other comic adaptation, Watchmen.

ComingSoon writes:

What's going on with "Watchmen?"

Zack Snyder: We're trying to get a budget together now that I feel like the movie is in a very cool place. I think the script is starting to become pretty cool. I've been talking to some actors--I'm not going to say who--but it's cool, because in some ways you can get real actors. You don't have to go Hollywood. So that's all going along. I've been drawing away, so I think it's coming along. They have talked about maybe shooting in the summer.

What's been the delay with the movie? 10 years ago it was a Joel Silver film.

Snyder: I can only thank God that they haven't gotten it together yet. I think the delay is that they haven't known what it was. I set the movie in 1985 and I have the luxury of being far enough away from 1985 so that that is a viable idea. I think what happened in the past was that when you're only five years away from 1985, it's a weird time to make a period piece that took place three years ago, but studios don't get that.

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